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If you own an Amazon Echo Device you have been auto enrolled to create a WiFi mesh system with your neighbors thru a technology called...

Samsung Solar Remote

This remote comes with the 2021 model TV, there’s a solar panel on the back and a usb input just in case you have to charge.

Plex Server Update

If you haven’t built one, a plex server will allow you to organize all of your media files and use with a easy interface. Check it out...

WD easystore

Here’s a video from the new channel, Tech Steve Gadgets. More to come

2021 BMW 430i

I wan to see how well the #dji pocket 2 4k camera performed and it did very well considering the $500 price tag. Read more on Amazon...

Samsung eARC on 60Hz TVs

People are confused, thanks to good marketing from companies. eARC is HDMI 2.1 but can be used on a 60Hz TV because it supports 7.1 audio...

2021 Samsung 4K UHD TVs

New Samsung TVs will be available this year. Here’s a look of what’s to come. Link: