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Mack Jacobs
Nov 03, 2021
In Televisions
Hope you are doing great. I really do need your very urgent technical advice. I am in the market for a new flat screen TV. I am an avid gamer and film enthusiast. My go to TV of choice is the LG UN73 series. However there seem to be a little confusion, I could say, with my choice. If you look at both attached photos you would notice they are both 50UN73 model. However I wished to inquire if there is any inherent difference between them and if not why do they come in distinctive packaging. I am really picky and intend using this for quite sometime so I would really want to make the right choice. I would be acquiring this anytime this week so your response will be highly appreciated as you are the only one I can talk about this to. Thanks for your assistance in advance and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
What is the DIFFERENCE and why? content media
Mack Jacobs
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